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Bathrooms and Kitchen Design Services

Wayne Smith Property Repairs undertake all kinds of building and maintenance jobs associated with property development, including kitchen and bathroom installation.  Having a thorough knowledge of all of the necessary building requirements and plumbing needs, and the skillsets needed to provide for these essential rooms with the home, we can also offer kitchen and bathroom design services.  Manchester residents can employ our services to make suggestions, give advice on, and execute the styles and design options available to the modern homeowner.  In fact, we can undertake the entire enterprise for you and your property, using our expert knowledge and experience to provide you with the perfect kitchen or bathroom for your needs.

With our 25 plus years of experience providing installation services for bathrooms and kitchens across Manchester and Greater Manchester, we have a unique perspective and knowledge of what kind of fittings and fixtures are available to you for your project.  Design ideas and options that may not have occurred to you as being viable for our property, can be put to you as part of our bathroom and kitchen design services.  Manchester is home to the 250 plus projects we have already undertaken as part of our design, installation, repair and maintenance services.  We have a thorough knowledge, and work in plumbing and decorating as well as work associated with kitchen and bathroom design and décor, such as tiling and light fitting, meaning you don’t need several different companies to complete the work.

If you or someone you know has been looking for Bathroom or Kitchen design services online, Manchester occupants can rely on Wayne Smith Property Repairs to provide everything you could need or want for your chosen design and needs of you and your family.  So, if you have been wondering ‘what kitchen design services are near me?’, then look no further.  Contact us today.