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In the many 250 plus jobs we have completed all around Manchester, a good portion of our work can be said it was to carry out the repair and maintenance of home and business properties throughout the area.

Unless you have a brand new, freshly roofed, freshly plumbed and freshly painted house, complete with all the furnishings you need right from the start, each room built from the word go to your exact requirements and specifications, it has to be acknowledged there is not really any such thing as a ‘finished house’. There will always be something to maintain, to change and to repair. But with the correct and professional property maintenance, Manchester properties can thrive under their skilful hands, looking as beautiful as the day they were first built and even more of the exact home you desire.

For example, over time every property and man-made structure, appliance and furnishing are subject to the wear and tear that time inflicts. No matter what part of your house is installed, built and decorated, eventually it will become dated or damaged and need replacing or redoing. For each and every repair, the expert services of various tradesmen is often required. That could mean that even in just 10 years, you could be contacting hundreds of various companies and services, just to help you maintain your home, or other premises. However, what if the same people who were capable of building you a new conservatory, loft conversion, brand new kitchen, installing a new heating system, or your new oven, where also the people who cared for all your property maintenance services in Manchester? What if you could trust in one company to carry out all aspects of any property maintenance services for you? Wayne Smith Property Repairs are your one stop call out service, capable to conducting and completing any repairs for your home. Whether it’s a lick of paint, or a brand-new bathroom, pointing or building anew, we are here for you.

The benefits of this service are apparent in that, should you have commissioned our expert teams and property construction, repair and maintenance team already to carry out work on your home, they will already have a good knowledge of your property layout and know what is needed to carry out maintenance work. Even if you are new to Wayne Smith Property Repairs, fear not. With our 25 years in the property maintenance, repair and building trade, we can help you to restore and maintain any property. As we provide electrical and plumbing services you can guarantee that we ensure all of our team and tradesmen have the relevant training and certification to allow them to carry out this kind of work. This provides you with the peace of mind that your appliances, heating or new plug socket has been installed correctly and safely, and that any needed repairs will be conducted responsibly, not cutting corners by reinstalling or patching up any appliances that are no longer safe. For more information on the choice of property maintenance services we provide contact us today.