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From free upgrades on hotel rooms, to 10% extra free in your cereal packet, everyone likes to feel like they are getting extra value when they make a purchase. But how can you get extra value when you bring in decorators to your home? Because the decor you choose is personal to you and your residence, there isn’t much scope for improving the deal. When looking for painting and decorating services in Manchester, where can you find a contractor who can offer extra value along with the work they do in your home?

When you call on a tradesperson to provide painting and decorating services in Manchester, your first concerns are that they should be trustworthy, reliable, and conscientious in the work they do. Wayne Smith Property Repairs are a multi trade company who have been providing support for householders throughout the city and its surrounding areas for over twenty-five years. Besides decorating services our Manchester based professionals are competent in the design and installation of bathrooms and kitchens, and the plumbing and electrical work which keep your utilities running as they should. Our roots are in general building work, and so anything from building a wall, to tiling a roof, to constructing extensions comes as second nature to us. For any Manchester residents wondering “Where can I find reliable building and decorating services near me?”, look no further than us. When you contact Wayne Smith Property Repairs for painting and decorating services our Manchester team can offer much more than just a basic job. How can we add to what we bring to the table? Often when a room is being painted, papered, or plastered, other issues arise which need to be addressed. Are you really going to paper around that broken plug socket without fixing it? Or wouldn’t it be better to move the radiator pipes behind the skirting, to make the whole room look more attractive?

Thanks to the multiple skillsets of our personnel, when we come to your Manchester home to offer decorating services we aren’t limited to working with the arrangements which are in place. You need the plug socket fixed? No problem! You want that water pipe moving? We can do it. This way, when we complete your Decorating project, there doesn’t need to be any unsightly corners which still aren’t quite as you imagined them. Sometimes, as our customers watch their homes change before their eyes, their plans can change too. If we’re in the middle of decorating your house and you decide what you really need is to change the room layout or build an extension, there’s no need to put the project on hold while you find someone to tackle the additional work – everything you need is right here! Wayne Smith Property Repairs have the skills and equipment to perform remedial or developmental building work, and finish it all to the highest standard. To enquire about our painting and decorating services Manchester customers can contact us today.